damages to both hard drive

When it is a power cable or just your USB link from the external USB hard drive into your PC, make certain there is absolutely no way anybody can trip over any cables – this could prove disastrous. Either your drive will be knocked off its increased position and damage itself in its fall to destiny, or the sudden elimination of this information cable whilst transferring data could cause enormous damages to both hard drive and computer alike. Make sure your connection is Hoff proof; by this I mean: even David Hasselhoff could stumble drunkenly around your home without danger of tripping over any cables.

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damages to both hard drive


  1. Switch off the thing when you’re not using it


  1. Avoid switching utilization between PC and Mac

This is a quiet killer. Not lots of men and women know this, but I have experienced it in my life. The constant change of drivers utilized to transfer information between your the best external hard drive and the very various PC and Mac machines could bring about your information being corrupted. If need be, rather buy two different drives to utilize on Different machines



I am regularly receiving emails from my friends asking that is functioning on external hard drives is slower compared to internal hard drives? And my answer is”yes”. Really what occurs that internal hard drives works on SATA cable which supplies 6.0Gbits/s transfer speed while external hard drives are connected via USB 2.0 that 480Megabits/s transfer speed.


There are various kinds of external hard drives available in the marketplace. And if you’re going to buy the best external hard drive 1TB then I will suggest you for your Iomega Prestige 1 TB. This is a very good hard disk drive in terms of quality, price, storage capability and functionality.


We should examine in detail about the description of the Iomega Prestige 1 TB.