single platter hard drive

Storage capacity

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single platter hard drive

The main thing we all notice in the best external hard drive mac is its own storage capability. Iomega Prestige gives you the 1 TB storage capacity. This will provide you the USB 2.0 user interface in which you can store countless photographs, movies, music etc.

Back up centre

The product provides you the choice of Backup centre. That is in case, if the data is corrupted accidentally than you can run this operation and recover your lost information. EMC’s Retrospect Express program has been included in this system which allows you a great simple facility for backup.


By the above discussion I’m convinced that this will be clear to you in regards to the brand new external hard disk – Iomega Prestige 1TB. This will not only give you great storage capability but a fantastic speed to transfer your data from PC to drive. The great speed of 7200 RPM spindle speed helps you in saving time and energy.

Each time a client calls our office and utters the phrase,”I simply dropped my external hard disk”, I wince and fear the worst. I always feel bad for a customer that finds themselves in this circumstance.


When an external hard drive has been dropped, regardless of what the height, inner elements will probably receive the brunt of it. The first element to get the brunt of it’s the engine. That’s the reason why the next thing that the customer would say is”I plug it in and now it isn’t spinning”. This is where I cringe. Of all of the things that may go wrong, we always hope it is not the motor. I don’t think anyone in data recovery industry likes to listen about engine difficulty on a hard drive with many disks. Hey, if it’s a single platter hard drive, we’d give a bit of relief. We welcome a notebook hard disk with numerous platter disks with engine issue. Ask why. The easy answer is alignment.